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Print a lot and often.
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We are proud to work only with machines from the top manufactures. We were the first in Slovakia to purchase the HP Multi Jet Fusion 4200 3D printer. We always strive to be one step ahead of the others.

Our competitive advantages

Online portal for 3D printing

We have the first online portal in Slovakia. You no longer have to wait for a quote, ever. Upload your 3D models, choose a material, enter the quantity and order. online.h3d.sk

Volume is not a problem

Large quantity of the same product? Many different products printed at the same time? With our printers, volume is not a problem.

We know what we are doing

We have been designing and manufacturing components with 3D printers for our projects for years. That is why our in-house engineering and technical team is always ready to help you.

We protect your data

Your data is safe with us. Only our authorized employees work with them. We will gladly sign an NDA for your projects.

Focus on quality

Quality means everything to us. We have been working with automated quality control of our products since 2005. We own three ISO certificates. Each and every product is personally checked before delivery.

Satisfaction guarantee

We will never turn our backs on you. If we overlook something, we will handle your complaint immediately at our own expenses.


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