3D Printers

We sell and service HP Inc. and Markforged industrial 3D printers. Our mission is to bring unique technologies by world-renowned manufacturers to local market. We have our own team of application engineers and service technicians. We work with all the offered technologies, which is why we have the most experience with them and we can help you choose the best one and start to use it.


Uncompromising possibilities of composite 3D printed parts. Composite printers combine the best properties of thermoplastics and high-strength continuous fibres – kevlar, glass or carbon fibres. As a result, you get extremely strong parts for a fraction of production cost with alternative technologies.

Plastic powder

Production systems using advanced technological materials with a high recyclability rate. The final products have almost isotropic mechanical properties. The common denominator of these devices is high productivity and low production costs. The ease of operation and safety of production rank these machines among the best in the global market.

Metal printers

Metals often cannot be replaced by any other material. Additive manufacturing on the basis of metals brings a huge step forward. Whether regarding free design options, lightening of parts or using hard-to-machine and very expensive metals or alloys, 3D printing paves the way to new opportunities which would be inaccessible otherwise. Get ahead of your competition, reduce the delivery time of your parts and bring your business to a new level.

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