Plastic powder

Production systems using advanced technological materials with a high recyclability rate. The final products have almost isotropic mechanical properties. The common denominator of these devices is high productivity and low production costs. The ease of operation and safety of production rank these machines among the best in the global market.

HP Jet Fusion 300/500

Cost-effective HP 3D printer, tailor-made for small and medium developer teams, design companies and universities. 

Full-colour or white 3D printing of functional parts. Make your boldest designs reality. This printer exists in two different print volume sizes and two colour versions. Choose a model that suits best your needs and start printing like professionals.

Maximum integration of all operations is unrivalled among plastic powder 3D printers. This series ...

HP Jet Fusion 4200

The most productive 3D plastic powder printer on the market. Print a 40-litre volume in 10.5 hours. Thanks to a unique division of the process into preparation, print and post-process, you can go on with another printing job virtually immediately.

Wonderful mechanical properties of prints are achieved thanks to a unique way of connecting material into products with printing agents and blanket use of heat. Jet Fusion achieves almost isotropic properties of prints, which is something other technologies fail in, particularly on the Z axis.…

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