Produce metal parts with a revolutionary technology. Produce with Markforged Metal X.


What are the benefits of Metal X?

10 times cheaper production

In comparison with other additive technologies for metal parts production, production costs are incomparably lower, precisely because of the “green parts” production and their subsequent washing and sintering.

Production without additional finishing operations

This technology’s innovative approach allowed to eliminate time- and money-consuming finishing operations which require DMLS/SLM technologies.

Low-cost hardware equipment

The simplicity of the technology allows less hardware equipment and printer accessories. You only need a printer, washer and sinter oven.

A revolutionary production technology of metal parts will allow you to produce parts with complex shapes for unrivalled prices.
  • 10 times cheaper production compared to DMLS/SLM
  • 100% isotropic properties of products
  • Low-cost and compact hardware equipment
  • No additional finishing operations compared to DMLS/SLM
  • Besides an inert gas tank, there is no need for other special equipment

Use an innovative and revolutionary method of production. With Markforged Metal X, the production of metal components enters a new dimension.


Examples of products

Get inspired by various applications of the ADAM technology by Markforged and find the right use for you.


Technical parameters

Parameter Value
Print volume 330 x 220 x 180 mm
Layer thickness 50 ÷ 200 micrometers
Technological supports ceramic, easily to remove after sintering
Softvare included Eiger

Official manufacturer´s website  Download printer datasheet   Download washer datasheet

Download sinter oven Sinter-1 datasheet   Download sinter oven Sinter-2 datasheet


This technology uses a similar process to MIM and is possible to use it with a broad portfolio of materials already developed. These materials are available at the moment, but the selection will soon be expanded:

Stainless steel 17-4 PH – combines high strength, corrosion resistance and hardness. That is why it has a wide application in medicine, aviation and oil industry. It also has excellent weldability. Download datasheet  

Tool steel H13 – has excellent impact strength. A higher portion of carbon and chrome ensures high strength and abrasive wear resistance. It is suitable for production of cutting tools. Download datasheet 


How Metal X works

It functions on a similar technological principle as MIM except that the “green part” production is carried out via separate 3D printing technology similar to FDM. This part is made of a mixture of metal powder, wax and polymer. Polymer and wax ensure the compactness of the part in handling.

A green part produced like this continues the technological process in an industrial washer (Wash-1) where part of the wax component is washed away.

The last technological step is sintering in a sinter oven (Sinter 1 or Sinter 2) where the porous product made by washing away part of the wax component and burning off the remaining polymer becomes a fully isotropic product. The temperature and atmosphere in the oven are strictly regulated in order to ensure volume fusion of metal particles. The product shrinks in this process approximately by 20% in all directions. However, this dimensional change is precisely calculated before the production by the integral Eiger software.



Flexible adaptation of shaped steel jaws was never easier. This case study demonstrates the potential of Markforged Metal X. In 30 hours, a fully-functional set of steel jaws was produced for a fraction of production cost. This opens new possibilities for many manufacturing and developer companies. In the end, the economical savings compared to conventional technologies were 98% and time savings were 91%.  Download case study

This technology not only enables considerable financial and time savings, but also consolidation of parts. In this particular case, 4 individual parts of a drive unit casing were replaced with one single part. Thanks to a design optimisation for 3D printing and Markforged Metal X printer, the economical savings compared to conventional production technologies were 92% and time savings were 95%. Download case study

In this case study, the StanleyBlack&Decker company made full use of the technological possibilities of the Markforged Metal X printer. The original design was intended for CNC machining, which increased production costs, lead time and the amount of waste in the form of chips. New design was intentionally divided into a 3D printed cartridge while spring and shaft were replaced by existing normalized parts, which considerably improved the dependence on supply chain. Overall savings related to redesign of parts brought a 25-fold economic savings and 50-fold time savings.

Metal parts for unrivalled prices

This is a real revolution in industrial 3D printing production and metal parts production per se. Thanks to the division of the whole process into partial processes, it has been possible to considerably reduce the difficulty of production and the amount of related initial hardware as well as subsequent production costs: