The applications of 3D printers are no longer limited. They are used in industry, architecture, healthcare, even in advertising or fashion. Get inspired and don’t restrict your imagination.


Every product begins as an idea. However, there are several ways to pass from an idea to a physical production of a component. 3D printing was created exactly for rapid prototyping. Let’s have a look at some practical examples how you can use additive manufacturing for professional prototype production.

Jigs and fixtures

Companies nowadays are looking for new room for improvement of production and process efficiency in order to reduce costs and be competitive while keeping the quality and repeatability intact. Jigs and fixtures have a key role in series production.

Robotic applications

Fast adaptation of new gripper and fixture shapes with a significant lightening. Improving gripper functionality using conventional gas and hydraulic channels. These are some of the many benefits of additive manufacturing in robotics.

Packaging and casing

Low-volume production of electronic devices can be transformed into an advantage. You can produce only as many pieces as you need right now. And all this independently of injection moulds and the time needed for their development and production.


A physical model says more than a thousand words. You will be convinced by faithful colours and mechanical properties of the models which can simultaneously work as functional products.

Architectonic models

Do you need an urban model or an interior design visualisation? 3D printing brings a true revolution into architecture because it connects the digital and physical worlds.

Design and promotional items

Technological restrictions are now virtually non-existent. With additive manufacturing, you can push the limits of possible design to the limits of your imagination.

Medical devices and medicine

Mass customisation of medical products opens new horizons. A significant weight reduction and improved functionality of parts increase the comfort of every patient.

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