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A physical model says more than a thousand words. You will be convinced by faithful colours and mechanical properties of the models which can simultaneously work as functional products.

3D printing in colour enables a full colour spectrum on the entire surface of the product. Presentation models thus faithfully reproduce the digital model not only with their geometrical shape, but also with their outer texture.

One of the use cases is the projection of simulation outcomes on a physical 3D model. It’s a suitable way to present individual design variants, whether in a design team or for a customer. You can confirm the ideal design for your product in a real 1:1 scale or modified according to your own choice.

Additive technologies can also be used to produce representative models. This area has a very broad application for various fields and occupations because up to now, piece production of original models has been exclusively the domain of painstaking manual machining or painting of models.

Thanks to digital manufacturing, the only thing you need for a fully-fledged manufacture is a 3D model. Subsequently, you can produce 1 piece or any number of pieces exactly when you need them. With no additional initial costs, without waiting for production. The production is usually finished in 24 hours. Other benefits include qualitative processing and repeatability of production.

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