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HP MJF 5420W

What makes the HP MJF 5420W printer unique?

Excellent consistent parts quality

Jet Fusion achieves almost isotropic properties of prints, which other technologies fail especially in the Z axis. Don’t just print prototypes, but fully functional parts.

Breakthrough productivity of additive manufacturing

Print a 40 liter volume in just 8 hours. Thanks to the unique division of the process into preparation, printing and post-processing, you can practically immediately continue with the next print.

Lower costs for printed parts

Due to the high recycling of up to 80% of the material, its competitive price and high productivity, you can produce really cheaply with this printer.

The new product on the market HP Jet Fusion 5420W offers, in addition to the unbeatable features of its predecessor, a change in the material used. The new material HP 3D High Reusability PA 12W allows you to print in white.

Get inspired by the various applications of the HP Jet Fusion 5420W printer and find the application for you.

Enjoy the possibility to freely design functional parts with an unrivalled manufacturing speed.

Thanks to digital manufacturing, the only thing you need for a fully-fledged manufacture is a 3D model. Subsequently, you can produce 1 piece or any number of pieces exactly when you need them. With no additional initial costs, without waiting for production of moulds and tools.

Individual parts of HP MJF 5420W


The versatile and highly productive 3D printer enables printing from multiple materials with unique properties suitable for dozens of different applications.

Automatic Unpacking Station

Achieve consistent part processing results with industry-standard automatic unpacking eqipment for small and medium-sized parts.

Natural Cooling Unit

New cooling unit designed for automatic extraction of print volume from print volume to minimize production downtime.

Build Unit

Several print carriages allow the next print job to be started immediately in the printer, thanks to which continuous serial production is guaranteed 24 hours a day. 

Processing station

Processing station automatically fills the print carriage with a precise mix of the new and recycled material. It enables quick and efficient cleaning of printed parts in a clean environment. 


HP 3D High Reusability PA 12 W

Versatile material suitable for prototypes and functional parts. Excellent mechanical properties, a balanced ratio of strength, felxibility and elasticity. 

Technical parameters MJF 5420W

Parameter Value
Print volume 380 x 284 x 380 mm
Layer thickness 80 micrometers
Print accuracy 0,2mm and better
Print speed (full volume) 8h – Fast Mode 10,5h – Balanced Mode

How does Multi Jet Fusion work?

A ground-breaking technology acts on the principle of fusion of basic powder materials with printing agents by blanket application of heat.

Basic building block in a 3D space is called a voxel. This is a three-dimensional pixel which can have different properties like strength, electrical conductivity and so on.

Multi Jet Fusion is the device that can assign specifically defined properties to every voxel in the whole printing volume. This process takes a few seconds for one printing layer and releases 30 million drops per second in a controlled manner.

Integrate several parts into smaller assembly units.

In the next video, you can see how MJF technology enables the integration of several parts into smaller assemblies up to single component, which significantly reduces the production costs and completely eliminates assembly costs.

Produce higher volumes flexibly.

With HP MJF production system, it is possible to take care of big production volumes. Nivellmedical produces series of dental aligners for the individual stages of treatment in volumes of 1000 pieces/day. This is a real-life example of mass customisation in practice.

Discover new options on the market.

Pozrite sa ako spoločnosť DustRam našla inovatívne využitie MJF:

Focused on productivity

The whole HP Multi Jet Fusion 5420W solution is designed for maximum productivity and low cost per produced part. Check out how the individual parts of a platform that could radically change your business work:


Eliminate different manufacturing technologies and don’t depend on a large supply chain. The Biesse company has managed to replace CNC machining and injection of plastic into moulds from various manufacturers to produce transmissions by internal production with MJF.

Reduce weight of the parts. In the next example, a sensor holder was lightened by 93% thanks to topology optimisation from the original 355 g to 23 g while maintaining the functionality and strength of the part for this application.

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