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Mass customisation of medical products opens new horizons. A significant weight reduction and improved functionality of parts increase the comfort of every patient.

New-generation orthopaedic and prosthetic devices are tailor-made and offer the option of customisation according to one’s own taste.

Organ visualisation for various surgical procedures facilitates the understanding of the actual shape and size of the affected organ before surgery, which increases the success rate and improves the whole course of the surgery.

Tailor-made orthopaedic insoles ensure an optimal distribution of feet pressure according to every patient’s anatomy. See for yourself in a case study of Invent Medical.

Another example of use are limb prosthesis sockets which are tailor-made, lightened, with innovative design and excellent mechanical properties. You can watch a case study of the Protec company in the following video.

With production systems for additive production, it is possible to carry out large production volumes. Nivellmedical produces series of dental aligners for individual stages of treatment in volumes of 1000 pieces/day. This is a real-life example of mass customisation for medicine in practice.

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