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Every product begins as an idea. However, there are several ways to pass from an idea to a physical production of a component. 3D printing was created exactly for rapid prototyping. Let’s have a look at some practical examples how you can use additive manufacturing for professional prototype production.

In case of complicated assembly units which are difficult to manipulate, prototyping can be extremely useful because you can verify the assemblability and manipulation with tools in practice.

Moreover, these technologies let you prototype completely new designs beyond the possibilities of current conventional technologies. The combination of minimum production restrictions, technical materials and short production times opens whole new possibilities for design as such.

You can use a geometrically identical model with a simulation moulding for an injection mould design with additive manufacturing. This will get you a product which you can fully test before you prepare the moulds.

The video below illustrates the prototyping of a new design of a zip tie:

In the next video, you can see that additive technologies enable the integration of several parts into smaller assembly units or individual components, which significantly reduces the production costs and completely eliminates assembly costs:

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