The easiest way to start printing is to register at our online portal and upload your 3D models. You can start with a small number of prototypes. You can increase the volume to small- and medium-series production later. And when the production volumes increase even more, rent or buy an industrial 3D printer and keep the production fully under your control.


If you need to print a small number of parts and you do not need to use 3D printing regularly, it is best for you to order production of individually priced printing. Our company focuses primarily on corporate clients from industry, design, architecture and urbanism. We are ready to provide maximum support and privacy when working with your data even for small volumes.

For Rapid Prototyping, we offer close cooperation in order to shorten the development cycle and reduce the number of development iterations as well as consultations about model optimisation.…

Series production

Clients with more complex requirements for 3D printing can take advantage of many benefits. Priority delivery in shorter time, automated pricing model for printing, general contracts and, of course, quantity discount. Data processing by professional software for additive manufacturing preparation, automated product labelling and other advanced services for preparation and adjustment of 3D printing models. We offer an NDA, safe processing of your sensitive 3D data, regular monthly invoicing of ordered production and other benefits. 

Digital Warehouse 

3D printers for rent

Do you need to print higher volumes so it no longer makes sense to order production individually? Would you like to have the production under control but it is still not effective for you to buy a professional industrial 3D printer? Smaller and cheaper alternatives don’t achieve the required quality and productivity parameters? Are you afraid to integrate 3D printing into your production? Use our services and rent production time in our 3D printers. You are responsible for the preparation of data, we are responsible for their professional and fast printing and delivery to you, as if…

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