Whether you have previous experience with 3D printing or you are going to use this technology for the first time, we are always here to help. Do you have an idea and materials but cannot prepare a model? We can do it for you. We can also ensure the perfect adjustment of every detail which could potentially cause problems. You can count on us also with necessary adjustments, dividing models into parts or labelling products directly on their body.

Data preparation for 3D printing

If you are printing more complicated assembly units or parts which have to fit together, you have to take into account certain margins and rules when creating a model. We can help optimise your data to ensure your success at the first attempt.


3D printing offers several options of lightweighting parts – hollowing out, filling the hollows with various rib structures in order to preserve the mechanical properties and so on. We use state-of-the-art 3D software to adjust models for additive manufacturing.

Topological optimization

Thanks to modern algorithms of load simulation and topology analysis, we can create a functionally comparable, but significantly lighter and optimized part suitable for 3D printing. Such models have a modern organic design and cannot be normally produced by any other technology than additive manufacturing.

Dividing large models

If your product does not fit in the printing space, it is possible to divide it into several smaller parts. We can take care of data division including the addition of suitable fasteners (pegs, tongue-and-groove, teeth), automated omission of an adequate layer for glue and, of course, the connection of the product into one unit after printing by our professional team.

Labelling prints

Another advantage of 3D printing is the possibility to digitally apply brands on the surface of models. Imagine that your every product can bear its own name, serial number, date of manufacture and so on. Brands can be added directly to the body of the product or on an additional break-off plate.

CAD modelling

If you do not have your own 3D models or you lack experience with modelling and optimising for additive manufacturing, our engineering team will help you create models based on the available documentation. We work with PTC/Creo 5.0 but we can also process other formats of CAD data.


Thanks to our field expertise with many years of practice with 3D printing, CAD designing and other related aspects, we can provide you with professional counselling in any of above mensioned activities.

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